Timms Hill • Highpoint: State of Wisconsin
• Highpoint: Price County
• Timms Hill County Park

My 22nd state HP

Date: May 22, 1998 • Elevation: 1,951 feet • Prominence: 425 feet • Distance: 0.5 mile • Time: 15 minute hike • Gain: 60 feet • Conditions: Pleasant


Today was the fourth day of a trip to visit the state highpoints near the Great Lakes. Yesterday, I tagged Mount Arvon in Michigan, then drove south to the state line, staying in a hotel in Iron Mountain.

There was no compelling reason to get up with the roosters this morning, so I slept in, not leaving Iron Mountain until the late morning. I had just one state highpoint on the agenda, Timms Hill in Wisconsion. A couple hours later, I was in the area of Timms Hill, up in the north-central part of the state.

The surrounding lands are developed as a county park with a lake and trails. The highpoint is up a short old trail to a lookout tower, which can be climbed for excellent views above the trees. Back down I found someone willing to shoot me with my camera. The photo shows me giving the "22" sign, my 22nd state highpoint. It also shows my mullet, which had gotten out of hand by this point. The hike took little time, and was enlivened by a bunch of little kids, all out on a field trip, making all sorts of noise and running around. They seemed happy to be outside on a field trip.

I spent the remainder of the day driving south into Illinois, where I stayed in Wenona in the middle of nowhere. The weather had become rotten again. This extra distance put me within striking distance of the last two state highpoints I had planned, Indiana and Ohio, which I would visit tomorrow.

A hill to the east named Pearson Hill also is listed as 1,951 feet, which would place it tied with Timms Hill as the state's highest point. I have to assume the state surveyed this area carefully to declare Timms Hill the highpoint. If it should come to pass that it is not, then I'll go back. I wish I had known this when I was there.

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