Kingman & Oatman
Arizona • January 20, 2007

We visited Kingman and Oatman over a long weekend. We stayed at a hotel in Kingman that is supposedly haunted. Nothing happened while we were there, though.

My parents drove down from Henderson NV to visit with us and the four of us walked around Oatman and its old-time main street, and the number of donkeys who live in and around the town. They are the town's most famous attraction. Oatman is about 25 miles out of Kingman along one of the last vestigial segments of old Route US-66 that still exists today.

Haunted hotel along Rte-66 in Kingman


The entryway of the hotel


Oatman main street


Oatman Hotel. I think Clark Gable & Carole Lombard stayed there


The Nutt Mountains


Another view


Oatman donkey


Donkey close-up


Baby donkey and poop

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