Houston Mesa & Shoofly Ruins
Payson, Arizona • June 5, 2021

Houston Mesa is a low ridge of cliffs north of Payson, easily visible along statre route AZ-87 as one leaves town northbound. A paved road branches right and goes uphill, so that reaching the cliffs is easy. I parked in a clearing and walked the third-of-a-mile to the top, where the views down were much better than I was expecting.

Next, I drove a little more north to the Shoofly Indian Ruins. These are low stone walls that date from about the years 1000-1200, where a thriving Indian community was established here

I also hiked briefly on the Horse Camp Trail. The day was warm and sunny and I just wanted out of the house a little bit. I've been in Payson now for 15 months and just now bothered to explore these local attractions.

Houston Mesa

The "road" that leads to the overlook

Overlook, south view

East view

West view

Shoofly sign

Stone walls

Archaeologists doing archaeology

Stone foundation

View of Houston Mesa from the Horse Camp Trail

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