The Boulders Loop Trail
Payson, Arizona • May 2, 2020

The Boulders Loop Trail is southeast of Payson in the Stewart Pocket, a basin ringed by mountains and cliffs, with an amazing abundance of rock formations. The loop runs about 3 miles in length. I had not hiked this trail yet, but wanted to join along with some friends from Scottsdale who were coming up for a day to escape the heat down in the deserts.

There were seven of us: two sets of parents, me, and two children. The kids were fascinated by everything, from the big boulders and trees down to the ant hills, little rocks and moss in the streams. We took a slow pace and covered the length in about two hours. We weren't rushing at all.

I was impressed by the landscape here, and will definitely come back. I've only been in Payson two months now, and am still learning about its trails.

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