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1976-77 Statistical Leaders and Award Winners



Anders Hedberg

70, Anders Hedberg (Wpg)
66, Real Cloutier (Que)
60, Mark Napier (Bir)
52, Richie Leduc (Cin)
52, Blaine Stoughton (Cin)
49, Marc Tardif (Que)


Ulf Nilsson

85, Ulf Nilsson (Wpg)
82, Andre Lacroix (SD)
75, Christian Bordeleau (Que)
75, Real Cloutier (Que)
71, Robbie Ftorek (Phx)
63, Dave Keon (Min-NE)


Real Cloutier

141, Real Cloutier (Que)
131, Anders Hedberg (Wpg)
124, Ulf Nilsson (Wpg)
117, Robbie Ftorek (Phx)
114, Andre Lacroix (SD)

Penalty Minutes

Frank Beaton

274, Frank Beaton (Edm)
244, Paul Baxter (Que)
224, Ron Busniuk (Min-Edm)
224, Cam Connor (Hou)
215, Bill Butters (Min-Edm-NE)
197, Wally Weir (Que)

Power-Play Goals

Real Cloutier

25, Real Cloutier (Que)
22, Anders Hedberg (Wpg)
12, George Lyle (NE)
11, Serge Bernier (Que)
11, Robbie Ftorek (Phx)
11, Andre Lacroix (SD)
11, Richie Leduc (Cin)
11, Willy Lindstrom (Wpg)
11, Tim Sheehy (Edm-Bir)
11, Tom Webster (NE)

Short-Handed Goals

Paulin Bordeleau

8, Paulin Bordeleau (Que)
6, Joe Noris (SD)
5, Rich Preston (Hou)
5, Dennis Sobchuk (Cin)
4, Serge Bernier (Que)
4, Hugh Harris (Ind)
4, Ron Huston (Phx)
4, Danny Lawson (Cgy-Wpg)
4, Don Tannahill (Cgy)

Goaltending Minutes

Joe Daley

3818, Joe Daley (Wpg)
3803, John Garrett (Bir)
3701, Don McLeod (Cgy)
3129, Clay Hebenton (Phx)
2928, Louis Levasseur (Min-Edm)

Goals Against Average

Ron Grahame

2.74, Ron Grahame (Hou)
3.09, Ernie Wakely (SD)
3.12, Cap Raeder (NE)
3.15, Wayne Rutledge (Hou)
3.36, Michel Dion (Ind)
(Note: Jacques Caron (Cin), 2.84 average in 24 games; Dave Dryden (Edm), 3.26 average in 24 games).


Joe Daley

39, Joe Daley (Wpg)
29, Richard Brodeur (Que)
27, Ron Grahame (Hou)
25, Don McLeod (Cgy)
24, John Garrett (Bir)


Broderick, Garrett, Grahame

4, Ken Broderick (Edm)
4, John Garrett (Bir)
4, Ron Grahame (Hou)
3, Joe Daley (Wpg)
3, Don McLeod (Cgy)
3, Wayne Rutledge (Hou)
3, Ernie Wakely (SD)

Most Valuable Player
Gordie Howe Trophy

Robbie Ftorek

Rookie of the Year
Lou Kaplan Trophy

George Lyle

Best Goaltender
Ben Hatskin Trophy

Ron Grahame

Best Defenseman
Dennis Murphy Trophy

Ron Plumb

Coach of the Year
Robert Schmertz Trophy

Bill Dineen

Most Gentlemanly
Paul Deneau Trophy

Dave Keon



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