The Complete World Hockey Association

Key to Abbreviations

a: Assists.
en: Empty-net Goals.
g: Goals Scored.
ga: Goals Allowed.
gaa: Goals Against Average (goals allowed x 60, divided by minutes)
gf: Goals For (team).
gp: Games Played.
l: Losses.
min: Minutes Played.
ot: Overtime.
pct: Winning Percentage (2 x wins + 1 x ties, divided by 2 x games played/coached)
pim: Penalty Minutes (penalty infraction minutes, or penalties in minutes).
ppg: Power-play Goals Scored.
pts: Points (goals + assists).
sc%: Scoring Percentage (goals scored divided by shots).
shg: Short-handed goals scored.
sho: Shutouts.
t: Ties.
w: Wins.
-: Not Applicable or unavailable.

Coaching abbreviations:

DNF: Did not finish
DNQ: Did not qualify
F: Finals (won or lost Avco Cup)
QF: Quarterfinals
SF: Semifinals

Finishes are indicated by place-division, with E = Eastern, W = Western,
C = Canadian and L = League. For example, 2-E indicates the team finished
2nd in the Eastern Division.



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