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1977 Rude Pravo Tournament


The inaugural Rude Pravo Tournament was held in Prague, Czechoslovakia, between September 16-22, 1977. The Tournament was organized by the Rude Pravo, Czechoslovakia's Communist Party newspaper, and modeled after the Soviet Union's Izvestia Cup Tournament.

Three teams participated: The Czechoslovakian National Team, the Soviet Union's National Team, and the Cincinnati Stingers of the WHA. Each team played two games against the other two teams. Both the Czechs and the Russians had 3-1 records, with the Czechs winning the tournament after securing a win over the Soviet Union on the final day. The Stingers had been assembled as a team for less than two weeks, featuring a number of new players and a new coach, Jacques Demers. Unfortunately, the Stingers lost all four games, being outscored 36-11. Mike Liut, yet to play a major-league game, received high praise from the tournament's sponsors, being named the tourney's top goaltender after showing great skill in his games, despite giving up 28 goals.

Game 1 • September 16, 1977
USSR 11, Cincinnati 4


Game notes: Dennis Abgrall scores twice in the first period, in the 13th and 19th minutes. Serge Beaudoin scores in the second period, and Jacques Locas in the third period. Mike Liut in nets for Cincinnati.

Game 2 • September 17, 1977
Czechoslovakia 8, Cincinnati 2


Game notes: Barry Legge and Jacques Locas score for Cincinnati, Norm Lapointe in goal.

Game 3 • September 19, 1977
USSR 5, Cincinnati 2


Game notes: Dennis Subchuk scores in the game's first minute, Richie Leduc scores in the 5th minute. Mike Liut faces 52 shots, stops 47.

Game 4 • September 20, 1977
Czechoslovakia 12, Cincinnati 3


Game notes: Richie Leduc scores twice in the first period for Cincinnati. The Czechs counter with nine consecutive goals before the Stingers score (scorer unknown), building a 10-3 lead. At the 13-minute mark of the 3rd period, the Czechs and Stingers engage in a brawl prompting the Stinger players to leave the ice in protest of the officiating. After 15 minutes, the Stingers return to play out the game, with the Czechs scoring twice more to close out the 12-3 verdict. Mike Liut is in goal for the Stingers.



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