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1979 Dispersal and Reclamation Drafts


1979 National Hockey League Expansion and Entry Draft

Dispersal Draft

Preceding the NHL expansion draft was a dispersal of players to the four remaining WHA clubs from the newly defunct Cincinnati and Birmingham clubs.

From the Cincinnati Stingers: Mike Liut, Bryon Baltimore, Bryan Watson, Dave Fortier, Reg Thomas, Dave Forbes, Kelly Davis, Michel Parizeau and Bruce Greig claimed by Edmonton. Byron Shutt claimed by Hartford. Michel Dion, Dave Dornseif, Barry Melrose, Robbie Ftorek, Bill Gilligan and Paul Stewart claimed by Quebec. Barry Legge, Craig Norwich, Peter Marsh and Jamie Hislop claimed by Winnipeg.

From the Birmingham Bulls: Bob Stephenson, Steve Alley, Tony Cassolato and Paul Henderson claimed by Hartford. Greg Tebbutt, Peter Marrin and John C. Stewart claimed by Quebec.

National Hockey League Reclamation Draft

Held June 9, 1979. The reclamation draft allowed for the NHL clubs to reclaim those players whose rights they held that were playing in the WHA. Some players were later reselected in the expansion draft, while still others were later selected by the four incoming clubs as priority selections, and thus precluded from returning to their rights-holding NHL clubs.

Atlanta Flames: Kent Nilsson from Winnipeg
Boston Bruins: Mark Howe from Hartford
Buffalo Sabres: Dave Dryden from Edmonton
Chicago Blackhawks: John Garrett from Hartford; Bobby Hull and Terry Ruskowski from Winnipeg
Colorado Rockies: Doug Berry from Edmonton
Detroit Red Wings: Wes George from Edmonton; George Lyle from Hartford; Glenn Hicks and Barry Long from Winnipeg
Los Angeles Kings: Steve Carlson from Edmonton
Minnesota North Stars: Ed Mio, Cal Sandbeck, Dave Semenko and Paul Shmyr from Edmonton; Greg Tebbutt from Quebec
Montreal Canadiens: Alan Hangsleben from Hartford; Alain Cote and Danny Geoffrion from Quebec; Peter Marsh from Winnipeg
New York Islanders: Dave Langevin from Edmonton; Gary Lariviere from Quebec; Markus Mattsson from Winnipeg; Kelly Davis from Edmonton
New York Rangers: Jim Mayer from Edmonton; Warren Miller from Hartford
Philadelphia Flyers: Dennis Sobchuk from Edmonton
Pittsburgh Penguins: Paul Baxter from Quebec; Kim Clackson and Morris Lukowich from Winnipeg
St. Louis Blues: Risto Siltanen from Edmonton; Christian Bordeleau from Quebec; Scott Campbell from Winnipeg; Mike Liut from Edmonton
Toronto Maple Leafs: Stan Weir from Edmonton; Jordy Douglas and Rick Ley from Hartford
Vancouver Canucks: John Hughes from Edmonton
Washington Capitals: Bengt Gustafsson from Edmonton; Paul MacKinnon from Winnipeg



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