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1976 Dispersal and Intraleague Drafts


Dispersal Draft

There was no formal dispersal of players from the two franchises that folded, Ottawa in January 1976, and Minnesota in February 1976. Ottawa attempted to sell off its players, while Minnesota disbanded after a vote by the players after six weeks of missed paychecks. The players were then declared free agents, but an informal draft was held for teams to make claims on these players, although the players themselves were not bound to the selecting team.

Minnesota: Dave Keon signed by Indianapolis after being waived through the league at his own request; Bruce Boudreau drafted by Indianapolis; John Garrett signed by Toronto as a free agent; Bill Butters, John Arbour and Jerry Zrymiak: drafted by Toronto; John McKenzie: drafted by Cincinnati; Pat Westrum: drafted by Calgary; Perry Miller and Wayne Connelly: drafted by Cleveland; Ron Busniuk, Steve Carlson and Fran Huck: drafted by New England; Louis Levasseur: drafted by San Diego; Curt Brackenbury and Ted Hampson: drafted by Quebec.

Ottawa: Ralph Backstrom and Don Borgeson: sold to New England; Gary MacGregor and Barry Legge: sold to Cleveland; Francois Rochon, Darryl Maggs, Mark Lomenda and Bryon Baltimore: sold to Indianapolis.

Intraleague Draft

Toronto: Bill Butters (Houston); Edmonton: Larry Hornung (Winnipeg), Don Borgeson (Calgary); Calgary: Jack Carlson (Edmonton), Michel Deguise (Quebec), Tom Serviss (Quebec); Minnesota: Steve Carlson (New England), Pat Westrum (Calgary), Jeff Carlson (Edmonton); Quebec: Gord Labossiere (Houston), Jerry Zrymiak (Toronto).



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