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1975 Expansion, Dispersal and Intraleague Drafts


Expansion Draft

The Denver Spurs participated, choosing players selected from Chicago's roster. The other expansion team, Cincinnati, did not participate since the team had been participating in other drafts since 1973.

Gary MacGregor, Ralph Backstrom, Darryl Maggs, Bryon Baltimore, Keith Kokkola, Mark Lomenda, Rosaire Paiement, Francois Rochon, Bob Liddington, Jan Popiel, Rick Morris, Brian Coates, Peter Mara and Cam Newton. Chris Grigg was selected from the Cougars' Long Island affiliate of the NAHL

Dispersal Draft

Held in June 1975 to disperse the players of the Chicago and Baltimore franchises.

Denver: Barry Legge (Baltimore) • Indianapolis: Pat Stapleton (Chicago) • Cleveland: Danny Gruen (Baltimore) • Edmonton: Dave Dryden (Chicago) • Calgary: Don Ashby (Baltimore) • Winnipeg: Randy Legge (Baltimore) • Cincinnati: Rick Bourbonnais (Baltimore) • Phoenix: Rick Blight (Baltimore) • Minnesota: Dennis Owchar (Chicago) • Toronto: Gord Laxton (Baltimore) • San Diego: John Raynak (Baltimore) • New England: Paul Hoganson (Baltimore) • Quebec: Alain Caron (Baltimore) • Houston: Ian McKegney (Baltimore) • Denver: Dale Ross (Baltimore) • Indianapolis: Michel Dubois (Chicago) • Cleveland: Gil Perreault (Baltimore) • Edmonton: Boris Mikhailov (Baltimore) • Calgary: Duke Harris (Chicago) • Winnipeg: Gary Sittler (Baltimore) • Cincinnati: Rich Coutu (Chicago) • Phoenix: Alexander Gusev (Baltimore) • Minnesota: Ross Lonsberry (Baltimore) • Toronto: Denis Herron (Baltimore) • San Diego: Alton White (Baltimore) • New England: Dave Birch (Baltimore) • Quebec: Don Saleski (Baltimore) • Houston: Dave Forbes (Baltimore) • Denver: Gilles Villemure (Baltimore) • Indianapolis: Frank St. Marseille (Baltimore) • Cleveland: Hilliard Graves (Baltimore) • Edmonton: Vladimir Petrov (Baltimore) • Calgary: Paul Nicholson (Baltimore) • Winnipeg: Scott Garland (Baltimore) • Cincinnati: Jim Pappin (Baltimore) • Phoenix: Ken Lockett (Baltimore) • Minnesota: Gord McDonald (Baltimore) • Toronto: Doug Towler (Chicago) • San Diego: Dave Walter (Chicago) • New England: Bob Goodenow (Baltimore) • Quebec: Jim Benzelock (Chicago) • Houston: Lynn Zimmerman (Baltimore).

The following players were selected through an auction. Teams submitted bids to the league, who awarded the player (and his contract) to the highest bidder. The team would then assume a portion of the contract, and the league covered the rest.

Cincinnati: Gary Veneruzzo (Baltimore) • Minnesota: Craig Reichmuth (Baltimore) • Quebec: Tom Serviss (Baltimore) • Calgary: John Miszuk (Baltimore) • Minnesota: Jerry Zrymiak (Baltimore) • Edmonton: Billy Evo (Baltimore) • Indianapolis: Reg Thomas (Baltimore) • Denver: Gary Bredin (Baltimore) • Quebec: Jim Watson (Chicago) • Toronto: Rod Zaine (Chicago) • Quebec: Ron Pronchuk (Baltimore) • Calgary: Bill Reed (Baltimore) • New England: Steve Richardson (Baltimore) • Denver: J.P. Leblanc (Baltimore).

Intraleague Draft

Indianapolis: Bill Prentice (Houston), Al Karlander (New England) • Denver: Brian Gibbons (Toronto) • Cleveland: Terry Ball (Minnesota), Doug Brindley (Indianapolis) • Calgary: Francois Lacombe (Quebec), Mike Laughton (San Diego) • Winnipeg: Larry Hillman (Cleveland) • Minnesota: Gerry Odrowski (Phoenix) • San Diego: Mike McMahon (Minnesota).



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