The Complete World Hockey Association

1974 Expansion Draft

Held May 30, 1974 in Toronto.


1. Phoenix: Gary Kurt (San Diego); Indianapolis: Brian McKenzie (Edmonton)
2. Phoenix: Gerry Odrowski (Michigan); Indianapolis: Bob Fitchner (Edmonton)
3. Phoenix: Ted Hodgson (Michigan); Indianapolis: Bob Whitlock (Michigan)
4. Phoenix: Bill Young (Michigan); Indianapolis: Bob Ash (Winnipeg)
5. Phoenix: Rich Pumple (Cleveland); Indianapolis: Bob Sicinski (Chicago)
6. Phoenix: Bob Jones (San Diego); Indianapolis: Rych Campeau (Vancouver)
7. Phoenix: Bernie Blanchette (Edmonton); Indianapolis: Roger Cote (Edmonton)
8. Phoenix: Steve King (Toronto); Indianapolis: Steve Cardwell (Minnesota)
9. Phoenix: Dick Sarrazin (Chicago); Indianapolis: Jim Hargreaves (Winnipeg)
10. Phoenix: Terry Ryan (Minnesota); Indianapolis: Michel Archambault (Quebec)
11. Phoenix: Ron F. Anderson (Chicago); Indianapolis: Billy Orr (Toronto)
12. Phoenix: Jack Gibson (Toronto); Indianapolis: Cal Swenson (Winnipeg)
13. Phoenix: Jim McMasters (Cleveland); Indianapolis: Yves Bergeron (Quebec)
14. Phoenix: Michel Plante (Vancouver); Indianapolis: Pierre Henry (Vancouver)
15. Phoenix: Steve Warr (Toronto); Indianapolis: Ken Desjardine (Quebec)
16. Indianapolis: Ron Morgan (Cleveland)
17. Indianapolis: Tom Williams (New England).



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