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March 20, 1976

Scoring Shots on goal
Teams 123otF 123otF GoaltendersGoals scorers & other highlights

Phoenix11114996226NorrisGray 2 (OT 1:29), Erickson, Hall
San Diego0120310613029WakelyPeacosh, Lacroix, Adduono (TG 19:25)
Houston001-1967-22RutledgeMk Howe
Cincinnati101-212815-35HogansonD. Sobchuk, Inkpen
New England10001161010541LandonRogers
Toronto303-6111113-35ShawNedomansky, Phaneuf, Nistico, Jacques, Atkinson, Henderson (WG 16:10)
Cleveland230-515139-37JohnsonMcDonough, Stewart, Pinder, Legge, Ward
Calgary242-811169-36McLeodMiszuk 2, Morrison, Kirk, Sentes, Chipperfield, Lukowich, Driscoll (WG 18:03)
Quebec313-71288-28DeguiseHoule 4, Bordeleau 2, Fitchner



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