The Complete World Hockey Association



October 20, 1974

Scoring Shots on goal
Teams 123otF 123otF GoaltendersGoals scorers & other highlights

Michigan201-3857-20DesjardinsSpeck, Johnstone, Veneruzzo
Toronto202-4151715-47BinkleyNedomansky, Featherstone, Trottier, Dillon (WG 18:08)

Indianapolis001-1101313-36DyckWalters (spoiled Brodeur's shutout at 17:05)
Quebec310-410106-26BrodeurCaron, Bernier, Hoganson, Houle

Vancouver012-3101214-36D. McLeodCampbell, McKenzie, Lawson

Cleveland3100411104631WhiddenMcDonough 3, Leduc
Phoenix03104698225KurtCormier, Gray, Borgeson, Keogan (TG 13:54)



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