The Complete World Hockey Association



November 18, 1973

Scoring Shots on goal
Teams 123otF 123otF GoaltendersGoals scorers & other highlights

Chicago030-351713-35NewtonHardy, Mavety, Harris
New York122-511810-29J McLeodMorrison, Lacroix, Jones, Laughton, Perry

Winnipeg200-21667-29WakelyHull, Woytowich
Toronto033-681118-37Binkley, GrattonTrottier 2, Selby, Kirk, Gibson, Carleton

Houston102-38910-27RutledgeMk Howe, Williamson, Hughes
Quebec143-8111012-33DeguiseGuindon 3, Lacombe, Parizeau, Dufour, Caron, Houle

New England122-5101211-33SmithPleau, Selwood, Byers, Sheehy, Webster
Los Angeles002-271018-35HogansonTardif, McDonald

Minnesota221-5131010-33GarrettCardwell 2, Heatley, McMahon, Smith
Edmonton200-2151614-45Worthy, NorrisGilmore, MacDonald

Cleveland011-22116-19CheeversBuchanan, Walker
Vancouver035-8121214-38GardnerB Campbell 2, Meloche, Myers, Migneault, Hatoum, Lawson, St Sauveur



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