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December 22, 1972

Scoring Shots on goal
Teams 1 2 3 ot F 1 2 3 ot F Goaltenders Goals scorers & other highlights

Winnipeg200-210117-28DaleyGratton, Hull
Chicago201-310108-28J. McLeodPaiement, Morris, Barber (WG 2:16)

Ottawa131-51187-26Gratton, BinkleyCarleton 2, Simpson, Trottier, Gibbons
New York241-7161610-42DonnellySheehan 2, Bradley 2, Peacosh 2, Ferguson


In what may have been the latest starting game in Madison Square Garden history, the Raiders outlasted the Ottawa Nationals on Friday night, December 22, After an 11-hour bus ride from Ottawa.

The Nationals didn't arrive in New York until 8:50 for a game originally scheduled to begin at 7:30. The weary Ottawans had to change into their uniforms immediately and took the ice a few minutes after Camille Henry ordered his men on.

After both teams warmed up, the game finally got under way at 9:40. Because the arena had to be readied for a Saturday concert by the rock group Grand Funk Railroad, the Raiders and Nats had to be off the ice by midnight, To accomplish this, the clubs played with only a three-minute rest break between the first and second periods. (The Hockey Spectator, January 12 1973)

Marco Polo Had It Easy. More travel travails of the Nationals.



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