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1973 All-Star Game


Le Colisee
Quebec City
January 6, 1973

The WHA's first all-star game was a last-minute concoction, after plans to play a series against European squads had to be cancelled for legal reasons. Played in Quebec, the game drew just over 5,000 spectators, as the East won behind Wayne Carleton, Jim Dorey, Danny Lawson and Gary Jarrett, each with a goal and an assist.


East 6, West 2


1st period: 1. West: Odrowski (Beaudin) 10:39; 2. East: Jarrett (Ward) 10:51.
2nd period: 3. East: McKenzie (Carleton, Block) 3:37; 4. East: Pleau (Webster, Caffery) 12:47; 5. East: Dorey (Ward, Lawson) 19:43.
3rd period: 6. West: Hull (Connelly, Bordeleau) 3:05; 7. East: Lawson (Jarrett, Tremblay) 7:29; 8. East: Carleton (Charlebois, Dorey) 8:00.
Shots: West 8-13-12—33, East: 18-14-15—47
Attendance: 5,435.
MVP: Wayne Carleton, Ottawa
Did not play: Bart Crashley, Serge Aubry



Coach: Bobby Hull (Winnipeg)

Goaltenders: Ernie Wakely (Winnipeg), Jack Norris (Alberta), Mike Curran (Minnesota).

Defensemen: Gerry Odrowski, Bart Crashley (Los Angeles), Al Hamilton, Bob Wall (Alberta), Ron Anderson (Chicago), Larry Hornung (Winnipeg), Mike McMahon, Terry Ball (Minnesota).

Forwards: Bobby Hull, Christian Bordeleau, Norm Beaudin (Winnipeg), Ted Hampson, Wayne Connelly (Minnesota), Jim Harrison (Alberta), Gord Labossiere, Ted Taylor (Houston), Mike Byers, Gary Veneruzzo (Los Angeles), Jan Popiel (Chicago).


Coach: Jack Kelley (New England).

Goaltenders: Al Smith (New England), Serge Aubry (Quebec), Gerry Cheevers (Cleveland).

Defensemen: Paul Shmyr, John Hanna (Cleveland), Ken Block (New York), J. C. Tremblay (Quebec), Rick Ley, Jim Dorey (New England).

Forwards: Gary Jarrett, Gerry Pinder (Cleveland), Ron Ward, Norm Ferguson (New York), Larry Pleau, Tom Webster, Terry Caffery (New England), Wayne Carleton, Guy Trottier, Bob Charlebois, Ron Climie (Ottawa), Danny Lawson, John McKenzie (Philadelphia), Michel Parizeau (Quebec).



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