The White House Tour
Washington D.C. • April 18, 2024

I met up with my sister, her friend and two family friends to tour the White House. From my hotel in Chantilly, I took the M train into Washington. I got on the Silver route at Innovation Center, which is one stop east of Dulles Airport. The ride in took about 45 minutes but was smooth and uncrowded. It's mostly above ground on the Virginia side, then drops into a tunnel and goes presumably under the Potomac River and into Washington. I exited at the McPherson Square, which is closest to the White House and all the surrounding attractions.

I was a little early, so I wandered around the area, walking through Lafayette Square, then past the White House and down to the Washington Memorial, then back up and to the World War I (Pershing Square) Memorial, about which time I met up with my people.

The tour is largely self-guided, but you walk a set course through the main foyer and rooms. It was crowded but not too bad, and docents stood around to explain things and also keep an eye on us. The walk-through took a little under an hour. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I enjoyed it very much.

Afterwards, we hung out for a few minutes, but everyone had places to go and things to see, so I decided to head back out to my hotel for more adventures out that way.

The White House, as seen from Lafayette Square

Andrew Jackson

Rochambeau statue

Lafayette Statue

I walked down to check out the Washington Memorial

The memorial in all its tallage

The Willard Hotel, just next door to the White House

World War I Memorial

In back, the White House

General Pershing

The back side of the White House

Now inside, the Library

A main room, I forget exactly


The red carpet is partially rolled up, or out, depending on one's perspective

The Green Room

The Blue Room. That couch piece dates from the early 1800s

The Red Room

The State Dining Room

I was most impressed by the sculpted eagles


Cool filligree on the exterior

As we exit

The Treasury Annex

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