Flight 93 National Memorial
Shanksville, Pennsylvania • June 30, 2020

βð and I began our journey back to Arizona, leaving Frederick, Maryland on June 29th. We did not get far, just about 120 miles, taking a hotel in Somerset, Pennsylvania. Looking at the map, I remembered that the crash site of Flight 93, from September 11, 2001, was somewhere in the area. But I had no real idea. I mentioned it to βð. Once at the hotel, the ladies there were helpful, telling us it wasn't that far and easy to get to.

The next morning, we drove about 30 miles to the site, now a National Memorial. We toured the open walking area astride the field where the crash happened. There is a large stone placed at the approximate center of the site. It is forbidden to go out to the site itself. The area is very stark, but very well done. It honors the passengers and crew on the flight who overpowered the hijackers and brought down the plane.

We then toured the museum, which has TV footage and artifacts from the crash. We spent about 3 hours here and it was a good way for us to pay our respects. We returned to the hotel and continued west, getting to Zanesville, Ohio, this evening.

Entrance sign

Information kiosk

The museum is up on a hill

βð walks a promenade parallel to the field

The big rock was placed at the spot where the plane crashed

The wall honoring the victims

Another angle, with the field in back

A close up. You can't walk into the field

Slightly elevated view

The walkway to the gift shop and museum

A viewing platform overlooking the crash site

View back at the museum


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