Campbell Hill • Highpoint: State of Ohio
• Highpoint: Logan County
• Jefferson Township
• Hi-Point Vocational School

Campbell Hill

Date: May 23, 1998 • Elevation: 1,549 feet • Prominence: 639 feet • Distance: 0.4 mile • Time: 10 minutes • Gain: 40 feet • Conditions: Sunny and calm


Today was my last full day of visiting state highpoints of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. I had visited Hoosier Hill in Indiana earlier today, then entered Ohio. I passed through Greenville (getting lost at one point) then Bellefontaine, arriving at Campbell Hill. By now the sun was out and the clouds had become spotty, much better than earlier today's storms.

The highpoint is within a vocational-tech college, surrounded by a hefty fence. This being a weekend, the whole place was closed and there was no way through the fence except over its top. So I hopped it, ran to the hilltop, snapped a photograph, then returned quickly to my car.

Just then, some other guy rolls up and he also wanted to visit the highpoint. Small world. I told him what I had done, then wished him well. I didn't stay long, now heading back toward Chicago. I spent the last night of my trip in Fort Wayne, then flew out the following day.

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