Anza Borrego Desert State Park
San Diego & Imperial Counties, California

We usually make a yearly pilgrimmage to the gorgeous and remarkable Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in San Diego County, California. The place is surreal and serene, and relatively uncrowded. We often have whole entire sections to ourselves.

Typically, we'll come here and "concentrate" in one area for a few days. We like to camp in Fonts Wash and at Fish Creek (Split Mountain) Gorge. We hike, laze around, get sunburned and rejuvenate our souls here. We have hiked Whale Peak and have also stayed at the Hot Springs as well as at some of the privately-run outfits along the highways.

Anza has all the beauty to be a national park, but it is too fragmented by private, military and indian lands to ever be continuously whole. More than once we've been buzzed by large black helicopters from the nearby Naval Range.

Anza may well be the best-kept secret in Southern California. Having grown up there, and she having lived in San Diego for awhile, we can both attest that most people in SoCal have never heard of Anza or think it's in Arizona. Fine by us.

Fonts Wash & Fonts Point

Toro Peak at sunset

Our camp

Panorama of the Santa Rosa Mountains (Click to enlarge)

Toro again, the washbed

Me up on the washbank

βð below, enjoying camp

Toro again

Pan of the badlands and of Fonts Point (click to enlarge)

Pan of Toro Peak (click to enlarge)




. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Bow Willow

Bow Willow Canyon

Our truck, camping

Sombrero Peak

Panorama, North and East

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Fish Creek • Split Mountain

Panorama of the Fish Creek Range and the campground nearby. Can you see our truck? (Click to enlarge)

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