Peaks 2802 & 2762 Hieroglyphic Mountains
March 7, 2023

Peak 2762 is the main one seen here, Peak 2802 is the gentler hump seen farther back, as I hike in early in the morning

Peak 2802

View south from Peak 2802's top. The tiniest bit of Lake Pleasant can be seen

Looking north at Peak 2762 from Peak 2802's slopes

Cattle feeding. From left: Josh, Zach, Cody, Jaden, Dakota, Chad, Bo and Todd

Peak 2762 as I aim for it, the sun came out finally

Hiking up Peak 2762's slopes, amid tall saguaro

View of Peak 2802 from the south tip of Peak 2762's top

The highpoint of Peak 2762

View northeast, with lots of the rare Arizona saguaro, and peaks in the New River range way in back

Top left: a useful sign, wildflowers, the peaks as I walk out and the sun is higher, and Carl Benchmark Hill, which I did not climb because I was tired by now


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