South Mountains: Gila Lookout, Suappoa Mountain & San Juan Hill
October 28, 2012 & December 19, 2019

Hanging valley below the Dobbins Lookout junction along the Holbert Trail

Summit towers

The "summit" of the Gila Lookout

The grand Sierra Estrella as seen from the road.

The summit is up there behind the fencing

What Phoenix looks like, from directly beside this high fence

Another summit shot from the Holbert Trail

Benchmark at summit (Dec 2019)

The hill from where we started

Now on the tral, approaching its base

On the high ridge now

Summit just up ahead

Northwest view, the new Loop-202 freeway, just opened a week ago, still shiny and new

The Phoenix South Mountains. That mass is the Ma Ha Tauk Ridge, a.k.a. Maricopa Peak or Salt Benchmark

Southeast view, more Loop-202

The ridge down

View as we hiked down

San Juan Hill as seen from Estrella Drive


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