Prieta Peak
January 13, 2024

Prieta Peak at dawn, six miles away

About a mile closer

Walking through a boneyard

Now on rockier slopes with saguaro, still over a mile away

Power lines that lead to the nearby mine

Almost at the base of the hills finally

The east ridge we ascended

The steepest rockiest portion

About 250 more feet to go. Not visible: another 50-foot drop

The summit finally is nearby

Summit! View south, Gu Achi in the near distance

Southeast view, Baboquivari Peak can be seen to the distant right

View east, Mike's vehicle is parked near that low dark hill slightly right of center

Summit apparati, unstamped benchmark

Looong shadows, unstamped reference marker, yours truly, a saguaro in advanced stages of decay

The ridge we ascended, now in afternoon lighting

Walking back to the car, the desert was very green after a rain from two days ago

Departing view as we exit


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