Cochrane Hill & Junction Hill
May 9, 2020


Cochrane Hill from the south, just after exiting the main road.

This is where it gets very steep.

Looking down, this gives a sense of the steepness.

Now on the crater rim, walking east toward the highpoint to the left.

Nearing the top, with Humphreys in back.

Interesting structure at the top.

View of Humphreys from the top.

Look down into the crater.

View back at the top from the west crater rim.

Montage: Cochrane Hill from Leupp Road, closeup of the structure, and wildflowers.

Junction Crater from the west.

The top, looking north.

Looking south now.

The Sheba Craters looking east.

Merriam Crater.

On the lower southern summit, viewing the higher northern summit.

Walking back to my car in the trees.

View of the peak again, from the northwest.

A view of the peak from the north.


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