Cat Hill
February 15, 2019

The day's objective appears on the far skyline to the left

A rare sight: low clouds in Arizona!

Cat Hill, "The Scar", and some more low clouds

The Scar is still up ahead

A view of Cat Hill, and the famous "scar", as viewed from the higher of the two pits dug out by told caterpillar machines

The gate at the top of the road

Now on the off-trail portion. I am aiming for the old wooden power-line apparati

Nearing the upper ridge

Finally, a view of the summit and its old light structure

On top: the old structure, plus Barry Goldwater Peak in back to the left

View east at the other bump on the small ridge

View down into the big "Cat hole"

The light structure as seen from the far point

Close-up of the structure

Hiking down the scar


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