Baboquivari Peak
November 9, 2013

Baboquivari's pinnacle, as viewed on our ascent

Starting up the base of the Great Ramp

Kelley and Peavy work up the chockstone

The summit is mere feet away!

There they are

North view, Kitt Peak and Coyote Peak

South view into Mexico

Kelley and Peavy at the top

And me, too

The top of the Great Ramp, heading down

The bottom part, where five points of contact is advised

Departing view. The Lion's Ledge is the vegetated ramp angling right, and the Great Ramp starts about half-way and angles up and left. The Ladder Pitch is in the shadow at the left end of the Great Ramp

Broader view farther out. How did we climb that thing?

Baboquivari at last light from the campground. The end of a long, but rewarding day!

Images from Scott Peavy's camera:

Staring at Babo (c) Scott Peavy

The Ladder Pitch (c) Scott Peavy

At the base of the Ladder Pitch (c) Scott Peavy

Kelley and me (c) Scott Peavy

Getting my rappel situated (c) Scott Peavy

Starting the rappel (c) Scott Peavy

Me, with a s.e. grin (c) Scott Peavy

Ambling down the ramp (c) Scott Peavy

Hiking out (c) Scott Peavy

Click here for Scott Peavy's full set of images from our Babo hike.


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