Arizona County Low Points

Compiled by Scott Surgent, proofed with additions by Andy Martin
(c) 2007-2022


This is a table of the lowest points of elevation within each of the fifteen counties of Arizona. Without fail each of the "county lowpoints" occurs along a river where it leaves the county. The famous Colorado River provides the lowpoints for four counties (Coconino, Mohave, La Paz and Yuma), while the Gila River provides the lowpoints for three counties (Greenlee, Pinal and Maricopa).

Andy Martin checked this list and pointed out some fixes and alternate areas, which have been included here.

As of 2022, I have a perfect record: I am 0 for 15.

County Lowest Point Elevation Lat & Long

Cane Valley, Navajo Indian Reservation, on the AZ-UT state line

4,560-4,580 ft North 36.9983 West 109.8609

San Pedro River at Pima County Line. (A well is listed at s.e. 2,950 feet)

2,920-2,960 ft North 32.3838 West 110.4506

South Bank of the Colorado River, Grand Canyon National Park, at western county line near 222-Mile Canyon

1,320-1,360 ft North 35.8030 West 113.3333

(1) Apache Lake, north shoreline at Maricopa County Line. ("Normal" lake lavel is 1,914 feet, which can vary. Map gives implied limits of 1,891 (spillway) to 1,920 feet (next higher contour))

(2) On Gila River at southernmost point along Pinal County boundary, south of Winkelman. Another area is about 0.3 mile north near "Hayden Country Club".

1,880-1,920 ft (1) North 33.6028 West 111.2227
(2) North 32.9848 West 110.7825

San Carlos Lake at/near Pinal/Gila County tricorner. Lake elevation listed as 2,495 feet on map.

2,480-2,520 ft North 33.1931 West 110.448

W. County Line, Gila River

3,240-3,280 ft North 32.9586 West 109.4119
La Paz

Along Colorado River on southernmost boundary. Includes river frontage extending northward along the river for at least 15+ miles, with many islands and marsh areas.

160-200 ft North 33.0298 West 114.5164

W. County Line, Gila River

420-425 ft North 32.9582 West 113.3328

"Larned Landing", southwest tip of land at confluence of Colorado and Bill Williams Rivers, as well as many miles of river frontage in north and east directions.

420-460 ft North 34.3077 West 114.1349

Ellison Canyon, on S. County Line

4,360-4,400 ft North 34.0009 West 110.7184

Two areas along N.W. Corner at Growler Wash. One lists a spot elevation of 659 feet.

650-660 ft North 32.5048 West 113.3319
North 32.5048 West 113.2886

N.W. County Corner, Gila River (Gila River Indian Reservation)

990 +/- ft North 33.3102 West 112.2023
Santa Cruz

N. County Line, Santa Cruz River (east of Interstate-19)

3,020 +/- ft North 31.7260 West 111.0395

W. County Line on Santa Maria River at Mohave & La Paz County tricorner.

1,400-1,420 ft North 34.3177 West 113.3325

Southwest Corner along Colorado River west of San Luis, on the International Border. Area includes small bays, lagoons and sinks and about 3 miles of river frontage. Likeliest lowest point at southernmost point on Mexican Border.

70-75 ft North 32.4938 West 114.8122