Twin Arrows Trading Post
Navajo Nation, Arizona • August 25, 2021

Twin Arrows is a locale about 30 miles east of Flagstaff, on the western boundary of the Navajo Nation. In the old days of Route-66, the Twin Arrows Trading Post functioned as a gas station, restaurant and gift shop for travellers. The proprietors erected two arrows as a landmark, which still stand today.

Once Interstate-40 was completed, the Trading Post fell into decline. It wasn't that the new interstate was built far away. It was that there was no easy way to access the Trading Post, plus (probably) some feeling that these kinds of stops were no longer interesting to most travellers. The Trading Post has long since fallen into ruin, these days being taken over by graffiti artists. Some of the art is very well done. I stopped in to take photos. What you see below is essentially one complete revolution of the Trading Post, as I walked it in a clockwise direction.

North of the Interstate is the newer Twin Arrows Casino and Travellers Center. This is the closest Indian Casino to Flagstaff. Today, it was uncrowded. I stopped in to clean up, get a bite and relax. I also lost a whole dollar in one of the machines.


Update (August 2023): This well-done, non-AI Youtube video discusses nearby Canyon Diablo and shows a little bit of Twin Arrows. It seems one of the arrows has fallen over :(. It's a good video, I encourage you to view it.

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