The County Highpoints of Arizona
by Scott Surgent
5.5 by 8.5 inches, soft-cover, 208 pages
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Updated 2023

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Arizona's fifteen county highpoints offer a diverse and interesting cross-section of mountains, from remote desert summits to rolling forested peaks to giant alpine volcanos. The variety of terrain will surely appeal to hikers of all skill levels.

Each county highpoint is featured in its own chapter, including a histtory of the county and the region, detailed trailhead and hiking directions, options for camping and lodging, information about permits and suggested side trips.

Also featured in this book is a discussion of the most prominent mountains in Arizona as well as each county's most prominent peak. Along with the fifteen county highpoints, included are three extra-credit peaks, a history of the evolution of Arizona's counties from 1864 to the present, a chapter on the county lowpoints, and of the historical and vestigial county highpoints.

Whether you hike all fifteen, or just two or three, you will surely appreciate the remarkable natural beauty of Arizona. Be safe and enjoy!

In The County Highpoints of Arizona, each county highpoint is discussed in its own chapter, and includes the following:

• History of the county and of the region;
• Detailed driving directions to the trailhead;
• Detailed description of the hiking route(s) to the summit;
• Camping and lodging information;
• Land ownership and permit information;
• Suggested side trips and points of interest, so that each county highpoint can be done as part of a full weekend.

Furthermore, this soft-cover, 208-page book includes:

• History and evolution of the counties of Arizona, from 1863 to the present;
• A discussion on the most prominent peaks in Arizona as well as each county;
• A chapter on the fifteen county low-points;
• The historical county highpoints including the "lost" Pah-Ute County;
• A checklist.

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