Ship Rock
New Mexico
May 18, 2006


Shiprock is an amazing natural feature, a stone monolith rising about 1,700 feet out of the flat high desert in northwest New Mexico. It's sacred to the Native Americans, but visiting it is easy as there is a scant road that goes right up to the base. There is no infrastructure - no fee booths, kiosks, parking lots, restrooms, jewelry stands or anything. Just a huge cathedral of rocks sticking up from the sand.

We came here after visiting Roof Butte. Shiprock was visible from just below Roof Butte (see the first photo). We followed Indian Highway 13 toward it, then followed a sandy road north about 3 miles to the base of the monolith for some closer views. There is a ridge of narrow walls of rock emanating from Shiprock, too. Very interesting geology here. There are other stone monoliths in the region, but Shiprock is the coolest.

Photos (Click to enlarge)

Shiprock from near Roof Butte

The walls

More walls

Right up below

About halfway from the highway

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