Mogollon, Glenwood & The Catwalk
Catron County, New Mexico
October 26-28, 2007


We spent a weekend in and around Glenwood, New Mexico, a small town of about 300 people about 70 miles north of Silver City. It was late October so it was still dry, but cooling nicely, with fall colors on the trees. From our home it's about a 4-hour drive to Glenwood; we arrived in the dark on Friday and slept like logs that night.

On Saturday Beth stayed back at the cabin while I made a short (2 hour) visit to the Catwalk above Whitewater Creek. Beth had hiked this years ago, while I had not. The Catwalk dates from about 100 years ago when it was put in so workers could access water pipes above the creek. Today it's a great easy hiking outing. I must say, the bugs were intense! But I had fun. The whole hike covers about a mile each way, ending at a dead end near a huge jumble of large talus.

On Sunday we drove up to Mogollon, the old ghost town along NM-159 about 15 miles northeast of Glenwood. We just poked around a bit and had fun before our drive back home. Just beautiful!

Photos (Click to enlarge)




A waterful about halfway in the hike.

Catwalk again

Yup, catwalk.

Mogollon Ghost Town

Looking at the Mogollon Theater, with a beautiful Japanese Maple in the background.

The last buildings as you head east out of Mogollon.

East end of the business district.

Now looking west.

View of the town taken from a viewpoint above the town.

Same view, now in zoom.


Leafy main avenue (US-180) of Glenwood.

Get your drinks at the Blue Frontier, Glenwood.

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