Lovell Canyon
Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada
February 14, 2010

Lovell Canyon is located along the shores of Lake Mead. My mother had been on this hike recently with her hiking group and suggested it to me while I was visiting for the weekend. My father was also interested to come along. The main attraction is a narrow slot canyon, as well as remnants of an old mining facility. From the road you'd never guess there was anything this interesting set far back into the hills.

The drive from my folks' home to the trailhead was about 20 miles. The first 1.75 miles of the hike is along a dirt road that looked passable in 2-wheel drive high clearance, but we walked it. In time the road drops steeply into a big wash, and quickly, that wash narrows as we passed by some old mine timbers and concrete footings, dating from about the 1920s. After a couple bends, the wash opens up again, passes a mine adit high on the hillside, and approaches the narrows. My dad decided he wasn't interested in the narrows so he went back out into the main part of the wash to look for interesting minerals. My mom and I started in but quickly encountered some pools of water, still kind of deep after recent rains. We got past a couple, but my mom decided to turn back at one slick section, so I continued through on my own. The narrows run for about 1,000 feet and in places are just a couple feet wide. It is sandstone, uplifted and angled, with very interesting erosion patterns. It was very pretty! I hiked until the narrows ended and the canyon opened up again. At that point, I decided to go back and rejoin my folks. We took our time on the walk out, following the wash all the way to the road, and from there back to our car. The round-trip hike covered about 5.4 miles and took us about 2.5 hours. There were quite a few people walking into the canyons as we exited, so this must be a pretty popular hike. It's very pretty and I enjoyed it very much.

Photos (Click to enlarge)

Sign near the end of the road

Old mine footings

Approaching the narrows

In the narrows

More narrows

Yet more narrows

Skylight reflecting

My dad out ahead

Me and my mom

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