Brush Fire!
West of Superior, Arizona
May 8, 2011

While driving to New Mexico for a quickie vacation, Beth and I came upon a traffic jam on US-60 about four miles west of Superior, Arizona. The hills were on fire! It must have just started because the fire trucks were showing up after we'd stopped, and in all we were stopped for about 45 minutes before being shunted onto the west-bound lanes and away from the flames.

On our return from New Mexico, we drove through the burn, impressed by its scope. We read later that about 1,400 acres had burned, slightly over 2 square miles. It looked like mostly dry desert brush. Anyway, enjoy the photos:

Photos (Click to enlarge)

Taken by me, from our truck in traffic

By me, now looking slightly left

Taken by Beth as we were driving out

More flames!

Picketpost Mountain and smoke


The fire guys

Where there's smoke...

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