Waimea Canyon & Polihale Beach

July 2006

This is a collection of photos of some of our other activities while visiting Hawaii, July 2006. Between our day hike up Nounou Mountain and our hike on the Na Pali Coast, we spent a day driving up to Kokee State Park, overlooking Waimea Canyon, and getting as high (over 4,000 feet elevation) as we were going to get on Kauai. The road was windy and narrow but full of amazing views at every turn. We went up road 550 going up, then followed road 50 coming back down. We then drove to Polihale State Park and Barking Sands Beach for some impromptu swimming. We explored some paved roads that all lead to imposing military gates. The road to Polihale was dirt, but our little car did fine. The beach was beautiful, and we were able to view the forbidden island of Niihau on the horizon.

Photos (Click to enlarge)

Looking into Waimea Canyon.

A waterfall, Waimea Canyon

Kalalau Lookout, Koke'e State Park.

At Polihale State Beach, far west top of Kauai. We swam in our clothes!

The island of Niihau is just a gray phantasm on the southern horizon. The tiny remnant island of Lehua is visible to the right.

Kohala Coast
Kilauea Volcano

A few days later on the Big Island we drove up to the north tip to go check out King Kamehameha's birthplace and sacred heiau, but we were unsuccessful in finding it. The roads were a bit much for our car and the wind was howling. We then drove to the town of Hawi, past it to the Pulolu Valley overlook (literally, the end of the road). Back in Hawi we had a great sushi lunch, then an enjoyable drive to the town of Waimea and the headquarters of the Parker Ranch, following the high road. The last two photos are a couple of Mauna Loa and near Kilauea. Hard to believe Mauna Loa is nearly 14,000 feet high in these photos.

Photos (Click to enlarge)

Looking at the mouth of Pulolu Valley, Big Island

Beth at Pulolu Valley.

Mauna Loa from near Kilauea.

Steam rises near Kilauea.

Steam, Kilauea

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