Saying goodbye...

I have decided to take down my hiking page, effective sometime over this summer, 2017. I have maintained this page since about 2001. It was fun when I first started it, but stopped being fun a long time ago. Keeping track of thousands of files and lacking any motivation to keep things updated and current is partly why I want out.

I will still keep the domain name and may resurrect some sort of hiking page in the future. I currently have a bare-bones page at wordpress, if you want to check it out.

Some of my trip reports have been farmed to Peakbagger, and some will be reposted at my wordpress page. I will be removing images and saving everything from, so this will take time. Everything I have (or had) on this webpage will exist in some form, either at other websites or offline.

In recent years, security has become a concern. Web hosters want all sites to have a SSL certification, which I agree is a good idea... but in my case, it would mean recoding hundreds of pages to make sure links work, and I am just not willing to do that. My page does not call out to other pages and should be secure already, but I understand that people are skittish and not seeing the "https" scares people away.

This is just part of the reason. All of this combined has slowly nudged me to this decision. I have enjoyed writing and managing my page over the years and appreciate your patronage.

Scott Surgent, 5-24-17