Woody Mountain • San Francisco Volcanic Field
• Coconino National Forest
• Coconino County

Walking up the forest road

Now higher

Group of deer

Higher on the mountain

Summit tower and buildings


Signs and plaques at the top

View from about 25 feet up the tower

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Date: June 8, 2017 • Elevation: 8,045 feet • Prominence: 735 feet • Distance: 3 miles • Time: 1 hour, 40 minutes • Gain: 780 feet • Conditions: Clear and cool

Woody Mountain lies about 5 miles southwest of Flagstaff. We were in town for a few days, and yesterday I had hiked two hills out by Williams, Davenport Hill and KA Hill. I had a couple more on the agenda, but a fire up by Kendrick Peak shooed me away from the ones up that way. Instead, I concentrated on Woody Mountain.

From the hotel, I drove to Business-40 that leads west out of town, then turned south onto the road that leads to the Flagstaff Arboretum. This road crosses over the interstate, then the pavement ends. From here, the road is dirt but well-maintained. I drove about five more miles, to the Rogers Lake area. Here, the road bends south, and I found the gate that spans a side-road that leads to the top.

I parked off the road and started walking, and in about 20 minutes, had covered about a mile to where the road meets with a different road that comes in from the north. This road crosses private property lower down, which is why I skipped that route. From the junction, the road winds counter-clockwise up the slopes to top out on the mountain. The one-way hike covered 1.5 miles and took me about 40 minutes.

The top has an active lookout tower and small residence, plus signs and plaques. The tower itself is on the registry of historic lookout towers. No one was here this morning. I looked around, then walked up two tiers of steps up the tower to snap a couple photos. I spent about ten minutes at the summit area.

The hike down went well. A bunch of workers were driving up as I drove down. The downhill hike took me a half hour, and was enjoyable. I saw a lot of deer on the hike, including a mama and her baby fawn. I did not see any other hikers.

I was back to the hotel soon after, where I showered and rested. Later today, Beth and I celebrated my 50th birthday with a great meal at the Indian restaurant across from the hotel.

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