Silly Mountain • Silly Mountain Park
• City of Apache Junction
• Pinal County

Silly Mountain

We start up the trail

Gaining on the top

From the top, looking south

The Superstition Mountains behind me

The scratched-up benchmark that reads "Roadside"

Informative sign

Trail network

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Date: January 27, 2018 • Elevation: 2,139 feet • Prominence: 359 feet • Distance: 1.4 miles • Time: 40 minutes • Gain: 420 feet • Conditions: Warm, clear skies • Teammates: Matthias Stender

Matthias and I were driving back to the Phoenix area after hiking Salt River Peak near Globe this morning. We took the usual rolute, US-60, which runs through Apache Junction and below a small band of hills called Silly Mountain, which sit astride the highway.

I suggested this hike as one we could do on the drive back. It's not a peak or an area I would drive to on its own, but seeing that it was on the way, and the day was still young, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.

The small peak has had a few names over the years, such as Kings Mountain and Roadside Benchmark. The name "Silly" was given to the mountain by a county road grader who lived on the street below the peak and who asked to name it. (Source).

We pulled into the parking lot about 1 p.m., the day fairly warm, in the mid 70s with bright intense sun. It had been in the high 20s when we started ouir hike up Salt River Peak this morning, so this 50-degree temperature difference was quite noticeable. The lot was full of cars and people, perhaps a couple dozen cars and many dozens of people. We could see hikers up on the slopes. It is apparently a popular hike in these parts.

We followed the Brittle Brush Trail to the Old Mine Trail, and then steeply up to the ridge where we caught the High Point Trail spur to the top. The one-way was about 0.7 mile with over 400 feet of gain. The last fifteen feet was an easy scramble up rock. Here, we came upon two middle-age women inching down, and a young girl (about 10 years old) off the trail, down a precarious slope and nearby some cliffs. I expressed to one of the women that I didn't feel she should be down there, to which the woman replied "she is fetching my stick". Grrr, I thought. The girl was able to do her mom's dirty work and got the stick safely.

On the top, we had nice views to the rest of the small hill-range, polus a splendid sweeping view of the Superstition Mountains, with the Flatiron on one end to the main peak at the other end. We found the benchmark, which has been scratched up over the years to be nearly unreadable. Nevertheless, it read "Roadside" through the many scratches.

We did not spend much time up top. We exited just as a whole family was coming up, and after them, about five more people. The hike down took about fifteen minutes and we were on this hike for about 40 minutes, total.

We were not expecting much when we started the hike, but came away reasonably impressed. The city of Apache Junction along with the BLM has done a fine job of turning the peak from a rut-ridden (by off-roaders) eyesore into a nice park with a number of hiking trails. It appeared that most people were hiking the Brittle Brush-Palo Verde Trail loop, so that once off that segment, the number of hikers had decreased considerably.

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