Peak 1955 & Peak 1920 • Phoenix Mountains
• Maricopa County

Today's peak as seen from the trailhead

Peak as viewed from the slightly-lower 1920-foot western bump

The top, with a couple intricate cairns

Northeast view of Peak 1987 and the parking lot

Southeast view. That peak is Peak 2112, or "Rush Peak", which I will probably hike up some day

Piestewa Peak

The slightly-lower 1920-foot bump

The peak as I hike out

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Date: November 12, 2017 • Elevation: 1,955 feet • Prominence: 335 feet • Distance: 2.2 miles • Time: 1 hour • Gain: 525 feet • Conditions: Warm, high clouds

This peak lies about a mile northeast of Piestewa Peak, west of the 40th Street parking area and trailhead. As usual for such peaks, it has no name, and does not stand out much. It was something I could hike on a whim.

I spent the morning with my wife watching the Brazil Formula-1 auto race. She's into F-1, and I am slowly picking up on the sport, learning as I watch the races with her. The race was over about 11 a.m.. I had the rest of the day open and not many chores to do, so I got my stuff together for a quick hike.

I parked at the 40th Street lot, arriving here about noon. The day was warm with high clouds, temperature about 80 degrees. The peak I was after was right there, less than a mile away.

There are trails everywhere, so I picked one and started walking, taking any fork I came upon that went "toward" the peak. I followed Trail 8 to Trail 100, then some other trails without any signposts. I was on a lesser trail, much rockier than the others. This led up into the hilly parts north of the summit.

The trail I was following grew scant, and I could see a better one across the way, about 150 feet to the west. I dropped into a gully, then up through the brush to meet this better trail.

This trail headed up to Peak 1920, the small bump west of the main peak. I followed it up and over this bump, the trail being quite steep and loose in sections. From here, it was an easy drop of about 70 feet to a saddle, then up more trail through rocks to the real summit.

The top is rocky, with cliffs facing east. People have built small delicately-balanced cairns atop this peak. I spent a few minutes here snapping images and looking around. It took me about 40 minutes to get here, partly due to my meandering approach path.

For the hike down, I went north to where the trail meets a perimeter trail that abuts the back fence of some homes. I was back to my car in about 20 minutes, thirsty and pleasantly tired.

And that's pretty much it.

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