North Thunderbird Peak • Hedgepeth Hills
• City of Glendale, Maricopa County
• Thunderbird Conservation Area

View west toward Sunset Mountain, Calderwood Butte (below the horizon line) and West Wing Mountain

Summit way up ahead

Summit not that far

The top, plus a guy giving his dog a drink

View northwest of the trail I hiked

Summit as I leave, now heading east

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Date: September 4, 2016 • Elevation: 1,831 feet • Prominence: 381 feet • Distance: 4 miles • Time: 90 minutes • Gain: 550 feet • Conditions: Pleasant and warm, but not too bad • Teammates: Other random hikers

This hill is in Glendale, part of the Thunderbird Conservation Area, where 59th Avenue and Pinnacle Peak Road meet. I was here three years ago when I hiked Thunderbird Peak, the slightly-higher hill immediately to the south. I don't think these hilltops have official names. I call this one "North Thunderbird Peak".

I had driven from Scottsdale to hike Calderwood Butte, a few miles to the east. That hike was shorter than I expected, and the weather was much nicer than I expected. Having time on my hands, I sought a second hike, and decided to come here and hike this little hill. The hill itself is nothing special, but it does feature a 4-mile loop trail called the Cholla Trail, which looked interesting.

I parked at the small lot near the 59th Avenue/Pinnacle Peak alignments, arriving here about 8 a.m.. The weather was sunny and cloudless, but dry. The temperature was about 85 degrees, but with the low humidity, it was very comfortable. I packed light and was walking within moments, choosing to follow the Cholla Trail in a clockwise orientation.

The trail stays level and heads on a northwest bearing below a long northwest-trending ridge, covering nearly a mile before bending with the lay of the land, north, then east, now on the north end of the ridge. Here, the trail finally starts uphill, in a couple long and easy switchbacks. I was no on the ridge, heading southeast, the summit of this hill up ahead.

There were a lot of people hiking today, and the weather was staying nice, not zooming into the 100-degree range so quickly as it can do in summer. In a few more minutes, I had achieved the top of this hill, a tattered American flag here amid the rocks at the top. There were people coming and going in both directions. I took a couple photos, but didn't stay long. The one-way hike had covered about two miles.

I continued clockwise, now dropping slowly down a long east-trending ridge, putting one foot in front of the other in a nice rhythm. Soon, I was down off the peak, and just had to hike the trail along Pinnacle Peak Road back to my car. I had been gone just under ninety minutes, covering four miles. By now, it was kind of hot, about 95 degrees. I was pleasantly tired, but pleased with this hike.

With my new vehicle, I did something I haven't done since 2008: I turned on my air conditioner to cool off. It felt great! I drove home, got some groceries, cleaned up and napped, happy to get over five miles of hiking in this morning, including my short hike up Calderwood Butte.

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