County High Points
                        by Andy Martin

        This 128 page soft cover 8.5" x 11" book lists the 3140+ county
        high points for all 50 states.  Lists are also given for National Park
        HP and Mexican state HP. The introduction goes into some detail on how
        the lists were prepared.

        The information in the lists can be used to look up high point area
        maps on For example, the Pima county Arizona high
        point is listed:

          COUNTY  HIGH POINT      ELEV.   LOCATION        USGS 7.5' MAP
          Pima    Mount Lemmon    9,157   26-11S-15E      Mount Lemmon

        On enter "Mount Lemmon" as a place name, then
        click on the name, and you get the 1:100,000 map. Zoom in to
        1:25,000 scale for a nice, printable summit map.

        Lists are also available for the 50 "finest" peaks in 14
        western states - AZ, CA, NM, NV, CO, UT, TX, OR, WA, ID,
        MT, WY, HI and AK. Finest lists for the NE and SE sections of the
        US are also included.

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