The County Highpoints of Arizona
by Scott Surgent
5.5 by 8.5 inches, soft-cover, 208 pages
ISBN 0-9644774-7-5
List Price: $11.95

Need an excuse to explore the remote corners of Arizona? Hiking and climbing the highest points in each of the fifteen counties of Arizona offers a diverse and interesting way to see the Grand Canyon State. From stark, desert summits to forested peaks to alpine giants, the fifteen county highpoints are a great cross-section of the varied terrain within Arizona. Many of the county highpoints are classic Arizona peak hikes and are achievable by most people in good physical condition, while a handful are difficult enough to challenge even the most experienced hiker. Whether you hike just a few or all fifteen, you will surely come away with a broader appreciation of Arizona and its "off the beaten path" back-country.

In The County Highpoints of Arizona, each county highpoint is discussed in its own chapter, and includes the following:

• History of the county and of the region;
• Detailed driving directions to the trailhead;
• Detailed description of the hiking route(s) to the summit;
• Camping and lodging information;
• Land ownership and permit information;
• Suggested side trips and points of interest, so that each county highpoint can be done as part of a full weekend.

Furthermore, this soft-cover, 208-page book includes:

• History and evolution of the counties of Arizona, from 1863 to the present;
• A discussion on the most prominent peaks in Arizona as well as each county;
• A chapter on the fifteen county low-points;
• The historical county highpoints including the "lost" Pah-Ute County;
• A checklist.

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